Identify, Secure and Manage the Best Suppliers & Partners

Today, most companies are evolving in a global context. Obtaining the best economic and logistical conditions, ensuring the supply of sites located abroad, and searching for products/services that are not present locally, all at the best possible cost, have become recurring and complex problems to be addressed . A global sourcing approach that is structured, equipped and supported locally is necessary to reduce risks and find the best opportunities.

The long-term benefit of increased collaboration between the company and its suppliers, and improving the overall cost performance of the supply chain, are all factors that will be taken into account when setting up a Supplier Relationship Management model.

Your goals are to reduce purchasing costs and generate productivity gains, develop and structure your company's relations with its suppliers, and improve the capacity for innovation and quality control. So which approach should you implement to help manage your supplier relationships?

  • Definition and implementation of the global sourcing strategy: Ayming will conduct supplier market studies, define long lists/short lists, RFIs/ RFQs, and carry out supplier audits, all helping to refine your supply chain and reduce your overall costs. 
  • Supplier Relationship Management model design and deployment: Ayming will develop tools for managing contractual and technical supplier commitments, build tools for evaluating and monitoring supplier performance, work on improving communication processes and exchanges with suppliers, and subsequently help foster innovation. 

Why Choose Ayming to Manage your Suppliers?

Ayming has in-depth knowledge of global and local markets for all main purchasing categories. Our international presence as well as our local offices, enable us to offer our customers close support to markets and suppliers, in addition to helping us create benchmarks and optimize costs. Our SRM model is constantly evolving, always taking into account the best practices of the Responsible Purchasing Charter.