Management team

Corporate Governance

Hervé Amar


Hervé Amar

President of Ayming

Hervé AMAR (1969) holds a diploma in Business Management and Analysis. Formerly the Director General of F-Initiatives, he became Director of Innovation Funding at Ayming in 2001. He was named Director General in 2008, before becoming President of Ayming in January 2014.

Carlos Bofill







International Director Northern Region

Carlos Bofill (1970) is a graduate of UPV School of Law, San Sebastian, Spain, Masters of Law at the Instituto de Empresa, Madrid and MBA from University of Chicago. He started his career at Lowendal España in 1998 as founder of the first foreign subsidiary Lowendal. Between 2002 and 2007 he was appointed General Manager Southern Europe Lowendal group in 2008 after the merger of Lowendal and Masai, he became Director of International Lowendalmasaï.

In January 2016, following the merger of Alma Consulting Group and Lowendalmasaï, he was appointed International Director for the northern region of Ayming, that is to say Germany, Belgium, Canada, Hungary, Great Britain Japan, Poland, Czech Republic.

North American Leadership Team


Glenn Kerrick

Glenn Kerrick

President - North America

Glenn has over 25 years of experience helping companies grow on a global basis within the context of rapidly changing markets and quickly evolving technical and business environments. Prior to joining Ayming in October 2012, Glenn held senior leadership positions with a number of leading companies including Accenture, Emergis, NSB Group and Avanade. Glenn is passionate about client satisfaction, employee growth and operational excellence. Glenn holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from McGill University and began his career in R&D with Bell-Northern Research.




Peter McCursker

Peter McCusker

Director - Eastern Region

Peter McCusker is a strategic thinker with expertise in business planning, management, development and operations, ranging from start-ups to international companies. He was a client of Ayming prior to joining the firm in 2009, and has over twenty years’ experience in manufacturing, distribution and technology.
Peter has spent the past ten years immersed in building out innovation funding strategies. He is also part of the leadership team that launched Alma’s growing cost consulting services in North America, and continues to lead this initiative in the Eastern Region.

Harshad Singh

Harshad Singh
Director - Central Region

Harshad Singh is a results-driven executive with over 15 years’ experience in client management, business development, marketing and strategic partnerships in both local and international markets. He holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree from Lakehead University, and has a proven track record in services consulting and project management for manufacturing and IT. Harshad has showcased his Engineering expertise in several national energy and power publications, and is currently part of the leadership team that is driving Ayming’s innovation funding and cost consulting initiatives for the company’s Central region.



Bhavik Chaun

Bhavik Chauhan
Director - Western Region

Bhavik Chauhan is an executive specializing in business development and marketing for the last 15 years across a variety of industries, including telecommunications, media, transportation, technology and charities. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Law and Marketing from De Montfort University, he has developed into a natural leader and a creative thinker, helping him build rapport and trust with his clients. These skills have also served him well in his role as a director and a member of the Ayming leadership team, helping to drive innovation and cost consulting initiatives for the company’s clients in the Western Region.



Nicolas Chevalier
Director of Operations – Innovation Services

Nicolas has over 10 year experience in the SR&ED program. He joined Alma Canada as Consultant in 2004 where he managed SR&ED claims in a wide range of industries. Before becoming Director of Operations, he held the positions of regional operation manager both for the Eastern (Montreal) and then the Central (Toronto) regions. He holds a B.Eng. in Chemical Engineering from ENSIACET (Toulouse, France), a MSc. from the University of Kent (Canterbury, UK) and an M.B.A. from HEC Montreal. Prior to joining Ayming, he spent five years as R&D Manager at Procter & Gamble.

Laurence Jacob

Laurence Jacob
Director - Operations Performance

Laurence holds a Bachelor in Applied Science (Food) and an MBA from Laval University. With 15 years of experience in a wide range of industries, she is passionate about client satisfaction, clear processes and quantifiable results. Laurence joined Ayming as a consultant in 2008, where before becoming Director of Operations, she held different management positions in the Innovation division. Prior to joining Ayming, she worked as an R&D Manager in the Food Industry.



Lyne Choquette, B.B.A., Adm.A.
Director - Business Strategy

Lyne has over 15 years of extensive strategy and management consulting experience with businesses of all sizes. She has also 10 years of experience in government grants and programs, allowing her to offer this expertise to businesses to support them in achieving their goals and maximize their government funding. She holds a Bachelor degree in Business Administration and is Certified Management Professional (Adm.A.), adhering to high standards of professionalism, rigor, ethics and competence.